I'm Luke Miller, a web developer located in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. I develop fresh websites that look amazing on every device using CMS's that are easy to use.

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I'm a developer. I create web awesomeness. I'm in love with ideas: creating them, building them, and watching them evolve. My background is very diverse, ranging everywhere from remodeling houses, working in the restaurant business & even cutting down trees. I'm like a sponge- I listen, I learn, I utilize.

I am always looking for new challenges.

Luke Miller


My education began with the Graphic Design program at MATC. I further developed my education with a Web Design & development degree. All my life I have been deeply interested in art, design and computers.


When I'm not designing, you can find me doing anything that involves adrenaline from snowboarding to skydiving to kiteboarding. Anything that gets your heart pounding and I'm in. Aside from being an adrenaline junky, I have a passion for coffee, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and cactuses.

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